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About Mom’s Best Friend

Mom’s Best Friend is a high-touch, boutique household staffing agency that provides the best caregivers and household employees in the country.  We provide helpful, selective placement assistance for families seeking to hire a truly inspired caregiver that is reputable, professional and fully screened. 

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Step 2: Plan 
Learn new planning strategies so you rapidly create a winning arrangement that you can be 
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Step 3: Enjoy
Know how to build your inspired care team and bring the joy back to living.


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We Know What We Are Talking About...But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"I cannot tell you what a valuable asset Lisa is"

“Janet, I cannot tell you what a valuable asset Lisa is to Mr. A, me and his family. Mr. A did not welcome the idea of getting a caregiver and you furnished us with the perfect match with Lisa. She came with a positive attitude, friendly, caring and respectful of Mr. A's privacy. When she was off for six days last month, Mr. A and I could not wait until she returned. 
Lisa is energetic and can keep up with Mr. A on walks. She is willing to come in extra early to take him to play golf. She takes him to run errands and guides him with his purchases. Mr. A at times can be very intimidating when giving driving directions to Lisa on the way to get places, but she is very patient with him and does a great job understanding his complex personality. She is very conscientious when it comes to keeping up with his medication and doctor appointments (always making notes). Lisa is very accommodating in every situation that relates to Mr. A's care. 
Lisa always keeps busy with attending to Mr. A's needs such as making sure he has on clean clothes, making his bed and changing the sheets; cleaning up after he finishes his meals and keeping the apartment clean and tidy.

Barbara D
- Client

"We were quickly provided with a very well thought out care plan"

“I know Jim personally from a networking group here in town. I know him to be a man of great integrity and heart.
When my 90 year old mother in law was exhibiting signs of advancing dementia the family’s first option was a reserved slot at a local assisted living facility. That option was taken away by virus safety concerns and I recommended to my wife that the family reach out to MBF for at home solutions. Jim and staff were on it quickly. They as a company are charged with helping clients find care for our most vulnerable loved ones, children and elders. They really deliver. We were quickly provided with very well thought out care plan that we executed on within days. The assigned caregivers were kind and qualified.
The real benefit to the family was the consistent high level of service and communication after we engaged in the care plan. So many twists and turns mostly having to do with mom’s mental condition and behavior occurred over a short period of time. MBF was there every step guiding us and helping find the right fit of caregiver for mom’s needs which is critical. In my opinion the ease of contact and quick solutions is the value proposition that MBF brings to their clients. I highly recommend MBF because they understand their charge. They are always available, they keep our loved one’s safe and provide peace of mind to the entire family”.

Dean C 
- Client

" Uplifts you and loves what they do"

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do and work for a Company that uplifts you and loves what they do. That is Mom's Best Friend. It is so great to work for a company that treats their employees exactly as they treat their clients!"

Sara L
- Caregiver

"I found one of the greatest blessings (for our residents) to be Mom's Best Friend"

"As a Lifestyle Director at an independent living community, I found one of the greatest blessings (for our residents) to be Mom's Best Friend. There are many of these types companies in the area, but this one is so different because of the compassionate and loving care given. From the owners, to the administrators, to the caregivers, you knew the bottom line was not about the money, but about helping their clients be able to live a more abundant and fulfilling life. I am thankful for MBF and their Christian leadership in the community."

Laura B 
- Lifestyle Director, ILC

"She was truly a partner in my care." 

"I really appreciated the fact that someone was with me at home following my knee replacement. There are just some things you cannot do and my care partner was a wonderful help. She walked the dog, helped with housework, assisted with some meal preparations, made certain that I was comfortable and had all I needed at my fingertips. Just walking the dog was a relief! She was truly a partner in my care." 

Becky R 
- Client

"Their team was simply amazing..." 

"We were struggling with Grandaddy a bit because he was almost 100! He was still very active and living life to the fullest which was great but also created more risk. The man went dancing once a week! Anyway, he had to have an assistant and we thought of our friends Jim and Kim Winblood. They own Mom’s Best Friend in Dallas. Their team was simply amazing and helped us write a fantastic final chapter in his life. He had fun to the last and MBF helped us make it happen!”.

Elizabeth and Randy D.
- Colleyville, Texas

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